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The Growing Brain 0-5 Course™


For professionals who work with children and/or parents and caregivers desiring to know more about their child's healthy brain development

The Growing Brain course was developed by the Zero-To-Three Organization.

A comprehensive course on brain development in the first five years.

For Parents/caregivers: Learn about the Biology and Science behind children's behaviour so you can make better parenting decisions.

For Professionals: The Growing Brain has the most up-to-date current information on brain development and how we can support children's physical, social and emotional development. If you work with families or just want to know more for your own children, this is the course for you. Extensive information will help you answer many questions. For example, what part of the brain does temperament originate? Why do some kids have more self-control than others? At what age should kids "know better?" When we say, "the brain doesn't finish developing until age 25," what exactly still needs to develop? Can children learn 5 languages at once and how does the brain process them all? These questions are all rooted in the biology of the brain which we will answer in this course. If you work with parents or are a parent, this is the most amazing course to help you talk "science" with your partner, in-laws or families you work with.

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The 7 Session course can be offered through synchronous online instruction or in-person classroom at your site.

Course Details

This full course is designed for 21 hours-7 sessions for an in-person class of 30 participants. Time will vary based on number of participants. Online classes are kept to 10 participants and tend to be only 2 hours per session topic.

Every participant receives a full digital licensed Participant Manual included in the total cost. You may take this file and get it printed if you would like, or follow along digitally by filling out the worksheets on blank paper.

Completion certificates will be available for the number of sessions attended.

The course can also be delivered as a synchronous online course. This is an interactive class delivered much the same as in a classroom but over a computer. You will be expected to participate fully in the break-out and whole group sessions and use a working microphone and video camera. For both the in-person and web-class course, content will be delivered through group creative activities, powerpoints, videos, discussion questions and instructor lecturettes, as well as reflection work in the Participant Manual

If you can't attend 1 or 2 of the live sessions, you will still have time to review the recordings prior to the next class and schedule some Q and A time with the instructor if you would like.

Instructor is Judy Arnall, BA, CCFE (Canadian Certified Family Life Educator). Judy has been teaching parent education for 22 years and is a certified The Growing Brain instructor.

"I appreciated being able to take the course in the evening in the comfort of my own home." Course Participant

"This course focuses specifically on young children's brains and many of the questions about young children's behaviour is answered by understanding the development of different areas of the brain." Course Participant

Course Agenda and Topics

Host The Growing Brain course for your staff onsite

We can provide all 7 sessions (3 days) or 1 session (3 hours) depending on your time frame and needs. Each unit is approximately 2-3 hours depending on size of group and activities chosen. All materials included. You can choose which sessions you would like taught.

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