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The Terrific Toddlers course is a non-punitive, attachment-parenting friendly course developed by Alberta Health Services for all parents of children ages 1 to 4 years.

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Terrific Toddlers is a four week program delivered in-person or as a web-class

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"This class helped me to better understand the toddler's perspective." Brigette R.

"I found good advice from both the instructor and other participants. Just hearing other parents facing the same issues and behaviours and offer tips was very helpful. The picky eating information alone has made our household much more peaceful." Lynn O.

"Terrific Toddlers is a great course that is proactive and really lets you know what is coming up. The instructors were non-judgemental, caring and most of all, 'real'. They have been there and shared really useful tips!" John S.

All courses are taught by Family Life Educators with at least five years Parent Educator Experience and University Degrees and/or Certification in Family Life Education. All instructors are parents!

We offer Terrific Toddlers as a four week online webinar available anywhere and a four week physical, in-person class in Calgary.

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UPSTART's evaluation of APCA's Terrific Toddler Program

Terrific Toddlers - Live Online Webinar - Sample Format

The Terrific Toddlers course is based on the program "Terrific Toddlers" developed by Alberta Health Services

Offered four weeks, same day and time. For webinars, the recording is available anytime.

Site registration for organizations available for the webinars.

Includes a Terrific Toddlers workbook that can be mailed out in print or downloaded as a pdf. Physical classes will also include a parenting manual.

For parents of ages 1-4 years. Includes a certificate at completion of 3 out of 4 modules

Every registered participant will receive a recording of each weeks webinars

Week 1 - The Parenting Role, Temperament, Self-Care, Picky Eating and Oral Health

Week 2 - Developmental Milestones and Stages, Executive Function, Attachment Theory, Separation Axiety, Sleep Challenges, Temper Tantrums and Toilet Training

Week 3 - Brain Development and Play, Serve and Return, Effects of Stress, Healthy Self-esteem, Effective Communication, and Safety.

Week 4 - Anger, Feelings, Behaviour and Guidance

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