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Parenting With Patience: Turn frustration into connection with 3 easy steps

Discipline Without DistressParenting With Patience CTV NEWS Parenting With Patience

Key messages in Parenting With Patience

  • We need to be in control to teach our children self-control
  • We get ourselves calm first by time-out, then get our children calm by time-in, then solve the problem by time-together
  • We can separate our anger from our discipline and make better respectful decisions
  • Most parents' expectations of small children are too high. We need detailed information on child development to decide if it is a development issue or a discipline issue. Development charts included for ages 0-25
  • Positive discipline has to begin with positive stress management
  • "Submarine Parenting"™ is when parents see the need or feeling under the behaviour and address the root causes of misbehavior
  • Typical punishments like grounding, time-outs, and consequences shut down parent-child communication and escalates anger
  • Our world has shifted and we need to shift our parenting to build relationships between parent and child

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A quick book to read when you are calm, in order to use when you are not!

Inside Parenting With Patience Book


"Every parent needs patience, and Parenting With Patience, has simple, respectful ways to calm down and connect," says Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears, RN, co-authors of 40 books on parenting.

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Parenting With Patience by Judy Arnall, and Grappling With the Grumblies by Deborah Fannie Miller

One book for you and one book for your children!

Grappling with Grumblies bookDeborah Fannie Miller

Parenting With Patience book

Published by Professional Parenting Canada, 176 pages


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Mail orders: Professional Parenting Canada, 12018 Lake Erie Rd S.E. Calgary, Alberta, T2J 2L8 Please make cheque payable to: Professional Parenting Canada

Email orders: jarnall@shaw.ca

Available at Chapters.Indigo.ca, Barnes and Noble, Ingram, as well as many Independent Book Sellers

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Attachment Parenting in the News

Duchess Kate Practices Attachment Parenting - US Weekly Dec 2, 2013

Duchess Kate practices Attachment Parenting! Read the article Dec 2, 2013 in US Weekly

Duchess Kate Attachment Parenting

Finally, popular media catches up with the research. This photo is from the ad campaign from Health Canada.

Health Canada Toddler Breastfeeding photo ParentsCanada Magazine, December 2013, "Attachment Parenting: Is it for you?"

Judy Arnall, President of Attachment Parenting Canada discusses the AP style

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What is Attachment Parenting?

Attachment parenting babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged, and teenager children is a natural, instinctive approach to parenting and MAY involve breastfeeding, babywearing, and co-sleeping, BUT definitely embraces respectful communication, non-punitive guidance of behaviour, and a warm and nurturing, structured, parenting style, that includes nurturing, attentive response to both children's and parents' needs at the same time. It's a family-centerd parenting approach based on mutual respect between all family members.

Attachment Parenting has 8 ideals:

  • Prepare for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting
  • Feed with Love and Respect
  • Respond with Sensitivity
  • Use Nurturing Touch
  • Ensure Safe Sleep Physically and Emotionally
  • Provide Consistent and Loving Care
  • Practice Positive Discipline
  • Strive for Balance in Personal and Family Life

  • Our Vision

    Healthy, respectful, peaceful, nurturing, supported and educated families are the building blocks of a healthy and peaceful society.

    Our Mission

    We are a non-profit organization of parents and professionals dedicated to providing parents, caregivers, and organizations, support for their parenting practices and services, validation for their parenting choices and current evidence-based information in order to make the best decisions for their parenting practices. Our information is provided through print, online, classes, articles, books and speakers for parents, caregivers and organizations.

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