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All books have detailed charts of child development capabilities and provide an attachment parenting framework for understanding children's thinking, feelings and behaviour.

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non-punitive attachment parenting books

Discipline Without Distress (440 page Print) Learn about parenting without punishment that focuses on relationships.

Parenting With Patience (176 page Print) Learn ways for us to get a grip and ways to teach our children to get a grip.

Unschooling To University (384 page Print) Learn about how children can still learn academics through play and without school or homeschool.

Attachment Parenting Tips Raising Toddlers To Teens (368 page Print) Crammed with helpful tips from 23 years of facilitating parent groups.

Last Word on Parenting Advice Journal (138 page Print) - a lovely new baby gift that tells parents they know best!

Money Smart Mom (226 page Print) A ton of tips for saving costs on everything from baby gear to college.

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Unschooling to University Cover

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